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happilymyself's Journal

Happily Myself
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activism, adhd, agnosticism, alternative lifestyles, alternative music, ancient history, anime, anthropology, archeology, artificial intelligence, ayn rand, bdsm, beatniks, bisexuality, bondage, books, camping, castles, celtic music, chaos, chaos theory, civil liberties, classical music, codependence, computer games, computer security, computers, cons, constitutional rights, creative thinking, creative writing, creativity, cultures, d/s, debate, deism, discussion, divination, dungeons, energy, eroticism, ethics, ex-mormons, fantasy, fetishes, folk music, foriegn films, founding fathers, freaks, freedom, gaming, geek culture, geeks, generation x, goth fashion, gothic, goths, growth, guitar, hackers, herbs, hippies, history, homeschooling, honesty, independence, individualism, integrity, intelligence, internet, intimacy, ireland, kevin smith, learning, leather, libertarian, libertarianism, linux, living in the present, magick, mind, morality, movies, mpd, multiple personality, music, near death experiences, objectivism, occult, old porn, open-mindedness, outcasts, pacific northwest, pagan, paganism, pansexuality, paranormal, parapsychology, philosophy, physics, piano, piercings, politics, poly, polyamory, polymer sculpting, power exchange, psychic activity, psychology, pulp fiction magazines, reading, recovery, religions, religious freedom, religious history, robots, rpgs, runes, sci-fi, science, science fiction, science fiction conventions, seattle, self awareness, self-esteem, self-improvement, sensuality, sex, soulmates, spirituality, streetlights, swing dancing, swords, synesthesia, tai chi, taoism, tattoos, tea, technology, the future, the singularity, thinking, thomas jefferson, thomas paine, thought, travel, truth, worldforge, writing